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This blogging thing is for the birds…



Who Let the Dogs Out?

Wag the Dog staff to attend convention (w/o Mitt Romney)

ROBBINSDALE, MN – The entire staff of Wag the Dog will be attending a media convention at an undisclosed location.  The dog pack flies out of Minneapolis later today, returning late Sunday.  At the convention, the correspondents hope to learn how to write more interesting posts – interesting enough to get more than two people to post on this site over the course of four weeks.    

As new entrepreneurs to the web log industry, neither the publisher nor the staff of Wag the Dog have any experience in attracting posters.  For all we know, we’re blogging to ourselves.  The good thing being that we find the site amusing, and we are confident it will grow more humorous and entertaining over time as we hone our journalistic chops.

So, while we are away, you won’t find any new posts here until Monday (or later, depending on the strength and duration of our hangovers).  Like most conventioneers, we plan to spend the most of our time at the lounge.  dog-puking.jpgAttached is a photo of Remmy (Sports and Outdoor Life Chief Correspondent) from last year’s event.  Remmy is in charge of fetching tail and bringing it back to our table, so we’re hoping he’s in better form than last year.

Have a great weekend, Waggees!