The Publisher

stew-loves-beer.jpgB.A. Stewart (a.k.a. StewDog, TwoDogs, Stewie)

Publisher and SAHD (Stay-At-Home Dad)

In 2008, the first edition of the Wag the Dog web log was launched. Wag the Dog, the brainchild of B.A. Stewart, was the beginning of a new career in “entrepreneurship” for Mr. Stewart, who had just completed the first full year of his role as a SAHD.

A native of Pierre, SD, Mr. Stewart began his career in his hometown in 1991 as a bartender at a hunting/fishing resort located just north of town on Lake Oahe (pronounced oh-AH-hee).  After a year of serving drinks to ungrateful patrons who lacked the ability to tip worth a damn, Mr. Stewart decided to get a job where he could actually put his college degree to good use.  After realizing no such job existed, he wound up doing what everyone else in Pierre, SD, does and joined the ranks of hardworking state government employees.  As a Rural Development Specialist for the states Office of Economic Development, Mr. Stewart regularly criss-crossed the state doing the work of the people by helping small towns set big goals.  He’s seen the inside of every community center, fire hall and supper club in the state due to the numerous public meetings he’s facilitated.  Without fail, the mayor of [insert the name of any rural SD town here] would graciously invite Mr. Stewart to stay overnight at the town’s only motel – no doubt a Super 8 motel.  And without fail, Mr. Stewart would politely decline so he could travel to the state’s largest city, Sioux Falls, and stay at his favorite establishment – the Howard Johnson Motor Inn, where he’s proud to say he’s sat at every barstool – at least twice – in the motel’s Sunbird Lounge, prime hunting ground for divorced women over the age of 50 who like to take their 20-something aged daughters out drinking. 

After six years, Mr. Stewart came to the realization that spending his hard earned government paycheck on bucket after bucket of beer at Bob’s Lounge, his favorite hometown haunt, was not a path to his dream job of becoming a best-selling author.  So, in 1997, Mr. Stewart relocated to Minneapolis to start work as a Technical Recruiter for a multi-billion dollar privately held consulting company.  He eventually worked his way up the corporate ladder to an Account Manager position before being laid off in 2001 for insisting upon wearing black dress shoes with his navy blue suit (the company dress code apparently calls for brown shoes).

In 2002, Mr. Stewart became a Manufacturer’s Representative for a maker of high-quality furniture specifically designed for the education and healthcare markets.  Responsible for a sales territory consisting of southern Minnesota and all of South Dakota, Mr. Stewart had a lot a time to think while he drove down the road.  He eventually came to the conclusion that selling high quality furniture at a modest price wasn’t a path to his dream job of becoming a best-selling author either.  So in June 2006, shortly after learning he would become a father later that year, Mr. Stewart gave notice to his employer of his plans to become a SAHD upon the baby’s arrival.

In October 2006, Mr. Stewart and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their family.  Two months later, Mr. Stewart sold his last chair and left his job to stay at home full-time.  Also in December 2006, the Stewart family pet, Bogart – a brilliant and creative hound, started his own blog,  Mr. Stewart became editor of his dog’s blog in order to gain valuable experience in the media industry, plus Bogart found it difficult to type without the use of opposable thumbs.

Today, Wag the Dog has a circulation of approximately four to six daily visitors and is yet unknown as a strong advertising sales medium. However, with the assistance of an elite group of journalistic hounds, Mr. Stewart is confident that one day there could be as many as 20-25 hits per day on this site… if everyone could convince four of their friends or relatives to take a peek.  He’s not asking for much.

Publisher’s Awards and Accomplishments

1981 – 3rd Place in the Pierre Area Punt, Pass & Kick Competition

1986 – Godfather’s Pizza Employee of the Month (February)

1991 – (Barely) graduated from college in less than six years

2005 – President’s Club (sales award for selling LOTS of chairs)

2007 – Placed 1,186th out of 1,213 runners in some 10K road race


2 responses to “The Publisher

  1. Good luck!!!!

    (I saw you didn’t have any comments yet.)

  2. Oh my – did I teach you NOTHING in high school? Left-wing (leaning-bleeding-heart-liberal) you say?
    Well – you might want to think about widening your horizons just a bit, old friend…
    Ask a Major Mama in Iraq who’s in-the-know…

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