The Correspondents

At Wag the Dog, all our correspondents are freelance journalists possessing vast knowledge on various topics of general interest.  Additionally, each contributes unique subject matter expertise in a variety of areas ranging from politics to celebrity poop to business to advice on why you should never dress your dog in a sweater.  Our correspondents are unbiased and unpredictable.  Some would call them “left-leaning”, but we prefer to say we’re stuck in the middle with you.

Additionally, our correspondents work for table scraps, and we only have one advertiser (so far): 

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Now, read on and get to know our pack…

mugshot-bogart.jpg     Bogart

       Editor, Chief Barker and Content Manager

       Senior Political and Media Correspondent

A native of New Orleans, Bogart relocated to Minneapolis in October 2005.  A true survivor, Bogart was born just before Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast.  He was rescued by a Minnesota dog rescue organization and was subsequently adopted by the B.A. Stewart family in November 2005.  In October 2006, Bogart became both a stay-at-home dog and the publisher of his own web log:  A mutt with a nose for news, Bogart is a fast-rising star in the media industry… and has a bone to pick with the guy who said, “Brownie, you’re doing a heckuva job!”


Columnist:  Working class dog.

Senior Business/Economics/Science & Tech Correspondent

Fox News Channel has its long legged blonde hotties to draw and keep your attention, but we’ve got Berkley.  Few correspondents can match the stunning appearance of this Bernese Mountain Dog, with his satiny black long coat accented by patches and snippets of white and rust, and few can equal his quiet work ethic and easy-going temperament.  Berkley pursues his dual career as journalist and family companion with self-confidence, friendly assurance, and devotion.  As a member of the working dog group, Berkley has broad knowledge of industry trends and emerging technologies that affect today’s economy.

Ole Erickson     Ole

       Celebrity Pooper-Scooper

       Investigative journalist

Presumedly born in northern Minnesota, Ole found himself fighting for his life on the mean streets of Duluth, MN, when he was just a puppy.  Ole was eventually picked up by authorities on vagrancy charges and transferred to a Minneapolis doggie detention center.  Incarcerated before he even saw his first birthday, Ole was quickly adopted by a loving Bernese Mountain Dog (Berkley) and his family.  With brother Berkley’s guidance, Ole soon put his keen street sense to work and has become a brilliant investigative journalist who can sniff out a story where nobody else can.  Today, Ole uses his skills to report primarily on all the celebrities we love to hate.


The Gossip Girl

Columnist:  Ask Lily the Beagle.

The origin of the word “beagle” is uncertain.  It possibly comes from the French word begueule, meaning “loudmouth” or from an Old English term beag, meaning “small.”  Regardless, Lily the Beagle is a true scent hound bred to follow her nose (and a story) wherever it takes her.  This makes her energetic, independent, outgoing, and (sometimes) stubborn, as Lily won’t let up until she’s followed a story to its conclusion.  Need to know the latest gossip?  Then Lily’s your girl.  Or, do you need some advice on how to impress the bitch next door who won’t give you the time of day no matter how much you bark at her?  Just ask Lily, who will give it to you straight.  But don’t give Lily too much info or else you could end up the topic of her next column!

mugshot-remmy.jpg     Remington (a.k.a. Remmy)

       Columnist:  This dog won’t hunt.

       Senior Sports, Outdoors and Local News Correspondent

Remmy’s gentle ways, intelligence and adaptability make him an ideal reporter, and his penchant for digging makes him the ultimate journalist.  Lively and good-natured, Remmy loves to work hard and play even harder.  While Black Labrador Retrievers are best known for their use in hunting, Remmy prefers the city life and mixing it up with other dogs in area dog parks.  He’s happiest when he’s surrounded by dogs and humans alike.  That’s how he finds his stories, by getting out there where the stories are happening.  He also spends a lot of time with Lily the Beagle, so he gets quite a few stories from her, as well.

mugshot-theo.jpgCapt. Theodore Hertzel

US Army Special Forces (Ret.)

Columnist:  Bombs away!

Senior Military Correspondent

Born in North Dakota, Theo obtained training at Fort Bragg, NC, as a Special Forces Officer.  Due to his extraordinary ability to dig and burrow, not to mention his low center of gravity, Theo rose to prominence as a special reconnaissance expert.  After receiving his Captain ranking, Theo became an instructor in the Terrorism Counteraction Department providing SERE (Survive, Evade, Resist, Escape) training.  Upon his retirement, Capt. Theo put down his gun and picked up a pen to become a journalist.  His knowledge of military strategy and counter-terrorism measures are as vast as he is long (relatively speaking).

mugshot-tucker.jpg     Tucker

       Columnist:  Tucker Unleashed!

       Senior Entertainment Correspondent

Tucker, or Friar Tuck, is a companion to Capt. Theo (who is known to be a modern day Robin Hood for his proclivity of taking squeaky toys from big dogs and giving them to the little… or just keeping them for himself).  Tucker, in a word, is a firecracker.  He goes where the action is or, rather, the action usually follows Tucker.  The youngest of our correspondents, Tucker keeps his ear to the ground to bring you the latest in entertainment news relating to music, TV and movies.  And since his ears naturally hang and almost touch the ground, you can be sure he knows what’s hip and happening in today’s entertainment world.


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