About Wag the Dog

My name is Bogart, and I’m a newsaholic.  I wasn’t always this way, and I certainly didn’t plan for it.  It just happened.  It all started about a year ago (January 2007) when my handler, Stew, became a stay-at-home dad.  We both started watching a lot of 24-hour cable news coverage while the baby napped (quite a bit early on).  The more news we watched, the more angry we became.  We had never really watched these channels before, so we had no clue that the anchor desk had become a pulpit for spewing the political viewpoints of whatever corporate giant happened to own the particular channel we were watching.  Quite frankly, neither of us had ever paid attention, but now we are!

sell-out-2a.jpgThe title of this blog is taken from the saying: “Why does a dog wag its tail?”  The answer: “Because a dog is smarter than its tail.  If the tail was smarter, then the tail would wag the dog.” As a dog, I’m slightly offended by the saying as I’m confident I have total control of my tail.  I wag it when I want to and chase it when I’m feeling spirited; otherwise, I keep it tucked up under my hind legs to protect my private areas from probing noses.  Anyway, the meaning of “wag the dog” has several different interpretations.  Some folks – like me -suggest the dog is public opinion, and the tail represents the media (i.e., the media creates a crisis through spinning the facts instead of a crisis generating media interest).  Others believe the dog to be the media, and the tail is political campaigns; or the dog is the people, and the tail is the government.  All cases seem accurate, so whatever your interpretation, the outcome is the same:  we’re screwed!  So, we want to give you the news our way via Wag the Dog… sort of like The Onion minus all the flair, financial backing, and talented writing.

Instead of blindly allowing the mainstream media – primarily the 24-hour cable news channels and biased newspapers – to set the news agenda for the day, our crack(ed) team of journalistic news hounds will dig up the big stories of the day.  We’ll bring those stories to you and drop them at your feet.  They’ll be so fresh our drool will still be dripping from ’em! 

Sound inviting?  Then welcome to www.wagthedog.wordpress.com,  where you get a dog’s eye view of the real truth from a team of unbiased barkers with a whole lotta bite.  Please visit often… tell your friends… and, most importantly, let us hear from you.

 See you around the water dish,

Bogart, Editor & Chief Barker


One response to “About Wag the Dog

  1. Sounds good to me. I will stay tuned!

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