Bush – Our Credible President

Isn’t that an oxymoron… emphasis on MORON?

dr-evil-bush.jpgI caught an episode of Keith Olbermann’s Countdown last night, and he was showing clips from past shows.  Below is a gem from January 10, 2007.  The clip is just a reminder of what a great president we have in Bush… and what a pathetic group of wussies we have in Congress.  Let me get this straight — Clinton gets impeached for lying to Congress about a blowjob (and no troops were harmed during any sexual escapades between Slick Willy’s willy and the intern).  But Bush lies to Congress, the American public, the U.N. and the world about… oh, let’s just say EVERYTHING… and nothing happens.  Unless you count the shredding of the Constitution, an unbelievable amount of unchecked war profiteering, nonstop corruption within the Executive Branch, and the death of thousands of great American soldiers due to the colossal blunder that is Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL).  But at least I feel safer.  Don’t you? 


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