Favre Retires (again?)

And Cheeseheads Cry (again) 

The most storied quarterback career in NFL history is coming to a close.

Brett FavreWag the Dog has learned that legendary quarterback Brett Favre has decided to retire. In fact, it’s believed he informed the Green Bay Packers of his decision within the last few days, although it’s unclear when Favre and the team will make his decision known.

Barrinng an unforeseen last-minute change of heart, Favre will leave the game after 17 years, during which he built himself into a household name and a figure synonymous with grit, toughness and perseverance.  After flirting with retirement for the last few years, Favre will finally go out on the heels of one of the best seasons of his career.  Or will he?

Wag the Dog has also dug up a juicy bone that tells us this supposed retirement smells of a ruse.  It’s a flea-flicker play designed to trick the rest of the NFL into discounting the Packers next season.  Unfortunately, Wag the Dog feels banking on Favre to play any more seasons is like a throwing a 65-yard Hail Mary pass on the last play of the SuperBowl – a last second act of desperation that will only cause beer-filled, brat-eatin’ Cheeseheads to fall to the ground clutching their chests.

Wag the Dog has obtained this exclusive photo proving Brett Favre isn’t going anywhere:


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