A Crap-tastic Holiday!

Our calendar is telling us today is something called “Presidents’ Day” in the United States.  Therefore, in order to observe this great holiday, most of the Wag the Dog staff has decided to take the day off and nap all day.  Except for Ole, our Investigative Jounalist, who’s interested in learning more about this peculiar holiday.bush_rushmore.gif  Since it’s “Presidents’ Day”, our assumption is that today is a holiday used to recognize and honor all the great presidents of the past… and present?  So, there’s a good chance we’ll be honoring G.W. Bush by wandering through the streets scaring our neighbors by screaming, “the terrorists are coming to kill you… you are not safe… you must protect yourself… vote Republican or die!”  Afterwards, we’ll go clear some brush off the Back Forty (as soon as we actually locate our Back Forty). 

Or, perhaps we’ll honor Dubya by going shopping!  He still wants us to shop in between our the-terrorists-are-coming panic attacks, right? We all need new mattresses for our doggie beds anyway, and we hear there’s a good sale today.  So, Happy Presidents’ Day everybody… and happy shopping for crap you probably don’t need!


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