GOP race starts to smell a lot more like moth balls

Vinegar and water candidate drops suspends campaign

On Thursday, Mitt Romney suspended his race for the presidency of the United States, which only means one thing:  the terrorists win!  Comedy Central’s A Daily Show with Jon Stewart summarized Romney’s nonsensical ramblings brilliantly in this clip.  Then A Daily Show Senior Analyst, Jason Jones, joined Jon Stewart on the set to explain how polling data showed Romney lacked the support of his key demographic – douchebags.  Watch the clip here.


While we’ll miss Romney’s uncomfortable public appearances and absurd logic, we can’t help but get excited about watching the Republicans eat their own via relentless far Right Wing attacks on John McCain for his love of Mexican food… for not being homophobic enough… and, basically, for not embracing the fear mongering and super Christian ideals of this lunatic fringe of the Republican party.

Bogart is the Chief Political Correspondent for Wag the Dog.  When he’s not licking himself, he often sits under the big maple tree in the backyard and ponders questions, like:  Why does the Fox News Channel relentlessly attack MoveOn.Org for being an “extremist” group but ignores the fact that the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is a group of insane haters? 

One response to “GOP race starts to smell a lot more like moth balls

  1. I voted for Romney because McCain is too far left for me. Anyway, my vote didn’t count. I am posting a blog about it today. Woe is me.

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