Mitt Romney – America’s 2nd Black President?

Or just another uptight white guy out of his element? 

SOUTH CAROLINA – Republican presidential hopeful and huge douchebag, Mitt Romney, was campaigning in South Carolina on Monday at a Martin Luther King, Jr. parade.  He tooled around in his Mitt Mobile before the start of the parade.  He took pictures with many in the crowd, mostly African Americans, and greeted one baby wearing a necklace saying, “Hey buddy! How’s it going? What’s happening? You got some bling bling here!”  At one point, Romney – who has clearly never encountered a black person up close before – jumped off the Mitt Mobile to greet a waiting crowd and take a picture with some black youth, at which point he awkwardly quipped,  “Who let the dogs out? Who? Who?” 

On Tuesday night’s airing of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert summed this moment up perfectly when he stated, “This courageous attempt to communicate across cultures has many pundits asking the question, ‘Is Mitt Romney Retarded?’ “  View the Colbert clip in its entirety here.

Bogart is Wag the Dog’s Chief Political Correspondent and resides in Robbinsdale, MN.  He enjoys viewing clips of presidential candidates looking like total morons, but then he realizes that this is apparently the best we’ve got to offer… then he weeps quietly into his doggie pillow.

2 responses to “Mitt Romney – America’s 2nd Black President?

  1. I hate to admit it but it’s things like this that make me like Romney even more

  2. Romney.

    Just another cracker with cash.

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