Favre to stiff-arm Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx

Prediction:  NY Giants 14  Green Bay Packers 34

If you’re a sports fan, then you’ve most likely heard a little something about the Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx.  Millions of superstitious readers — and many athletes — si-cover-black-cat.jpgbelieve an appearance on Sports Illustrated’s cover is the kiss of death.  Numerous professional athletes have surcumbed to injury following an appearance on the magazine’s cover.  In fact, in 2001, SI was forced to go to print with a cover featuring a black cat (after NFL quarterback, Kurt Warner, refused to pose for the cover).  Superstitions centering around the black cat are some of the most well-known and popular superstitions today.  We at Wag the Dog have long held that ALL cats are evil and are not to be trusted, so SI might as well have put an orange tabby on the cover as far as we’re concerned.  Anyway, read an in-depth analysis of the SI Cover Jinx written by SI’s Alexander Wolff in 2002 here.

The current Sports Illustrated cover is one the best I’ve seen since the 1997 SI Swimsuit Edition cover featuring a volumptuous Tyra Banks (before we si-cover-tyra.jpgknew she was an annoying crazy person).  Apparently the SI Cover Jinx worked in reverse after her appearance because misfortune didn’t find Tyra, it found us.  She now produces and stars in her own unwatchable reality show, America’s Next Top Model.  And if that weren’t enough, she also produces and hosts her own daytime talk show, The Tyra Banks Show.  It’s a talk show that (according to the show’s website) gives young women the “girlfriend” they want to hang out with, and the role model they need.  Personally, it gives me migraine headaches and stomach ulcers, yet I can’t seem to NOT watch it (but only during commercial breaks while I’m watching Days of Our Lives).

Anyway, the current issue of SI shows Green Bay Packer quarterback – and 2007 SI Sportsman of the Year – Brett Favre about to throw a pass during last weekend’s NFC si-cover-favre.jpgdivisional playoff victory over the Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay’s Lambeau Field.  Since Wag the Dog Publisher, B.A. Stewart, shares a first name with Mr. Favre AND has also attended two Minnesota Vikings vs. Green Bay Packers games at Lambeau Field within the past three years, he is making me post this article.  As a Minnesotan, I find it repulsive having to do this.  But, then again, we’re the true fair and balanced news media source, so I really have no choice, right?  Plus, like all bandwagon Minnesota Vikings fans – which I admit to being – I cheer for the Vikings until about mid-season, at which point they’ve most likely thoroughly disgusted and disappointed me to the point I’m forced to switch my allegiance to The Pack.  And while Minnesota sports teams have a knack for making horrendous player trades (i.e., The Trade), Green Bay has stuck with Favre for 16 seasons, leading to two Super Bowl appearances and one Super Bowl win (so far), despite a few less-than-stellar seasons on their quarterback’s part.  Also, our publisher’s spent so much money on beer at Lambeau Field that he feels he’s now somehow part-owner of the team.  Most importantly, Green Bay has more bars than churches, so there’s a soft spot in our hearts for this big little town.

So, despite Favre’s appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated, we’re picking The Pack to crush the NY Giants on Sunday at the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.  Oh, and we’re pretty sure the New England Patriots are going to beat the San Diego Chargers by about 40 points, leading to a Green Bay vs. New England Super Bowl XLII in Phoenix on February 3rd. 

By the way, we hear Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers are performing at the Super Bowl halftime show, so I’m fairly certain we don’t have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions.  But, just in case, I’m sure Jimmy Kimmel and his crew will be on top of it should things take a turn for the worse.  Here’s a clip from last year’s Jimmy Kimmel’s Super Bowl Edition of Unnecessary Censorship: 

Remmy is a freelance journalist and Senior Sports Correspondent for Wag the Dog.  He shares a townhome in Rosemount, MN, with Sammy the Cat.  When he’s not writing or vigilantly tracking Sammy the Cat’s whereabouts, he’s chasing tail at the Dakota Woods Dog Park in Rosemount.  Look for him there.  He’s the good-looking Black Lab who always has a smile on his face.

4 responses to “Favre to stiff-arm Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx

  1. Well… it looks like the Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx remains intanct. It’s either that or we just started a Wag the Dog Blog Curse. If that’s the case, then we’ll be withdrawing our support of the Obama dodd Biden presidential ticket and, instead, be endorsing Hillary and Bill Clinton.

  2. Well.

    Well, you called that one.


  3. Apostle L F Wynne

    Homosexuals and lesbians cannot be exorcized, exorcisms do not work. They must pray to God in a manner like, “Dear lord I like being gay, but I also hate doing that thing, I place myself in your hands please help me be the person you made me to be. I will submit myself under your rule, prove you are who you say you are, and clean me up, and I will serve you , Amen” This works or alcholism, womanizing, childmolesting, any and all sin. The only rule is you must be serious. Thank you.

    • You’re a moron, Apostle. Here’s a prayer for you: “Dear Lord, I like being an ignorant dumbass and homophobe, but I hate how it forces me to post nonsensical comments on unrelated blogs. I will submit myself in your hands and ask that you please TAKE ME NOW! I’m worthless on this earth.” Homophobia is soooo gay!

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